Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Thanksgiving Point: Part 1

We have been trying to stay busy this summer. Now that's it's over, time to catch up! Apparently, Thanksgiving Point does $2 Tuesdays in August, so we caught the tail end of that deal. It was awesome! We went with another family in my ward, and these kids had a blast. Look how cute! Macie, Tilly, Maddox, and Noah.Petting the cow.This picture cracks me up because Macie is trying to climb over the top, and Noah is trying to get in from below.They got to ride the ponies. Noah was a little unsure, but had fun. Macie LOVED it! A little cowgirl on our hands?Wagon ride behind the horses...We had so much fun. Thanks to Brittany for letting us know of the great deal, and for inviting us! It was a blast!

Monday, August 29, 2011

Chili Pepper Jam

My kids sure like their Red Hot Chili Peppers! This is a common activity while driving in the car. Let's jam!

Sunday, August 14, 2011


On Friday we went camping (a.k.a. scouting for elk with Daddy), and had a blast. We drove around A LOT and Macie and Noah were such good sports. We finally found a camp spot and got settled in. This picture is awesome. Notice Noah's little scowl. He does this often (playing) and it might be one of my favorite faces he pulls.We cheated...we started our tinfoil dinners in the fire, and got impatient. It was already like 8:00! Our kids had to eat! :)Putting Macie right to work. What a sweetie.We saw a few deer, which Macie thought was super cool. This one would have been a cool picture because it was so close, but I rolled down the window and it took off.It was nice getting out and spending time with my little family. I sure do love them!

Thursday, August 11, 2011


Yesterday, a girl in my ward (who's husband happens to be a good friend who was my neighbor in college!) invited us to a concert. I didn't know who he was until I got home and googled him. I'm a big googler. Anyway, YAY! Mark Wills, with Thompson Square opening. AWESOME! I was texting Dustin, "And they sing this, and they sing this..." It was tons of fun! (For any country music listeners out there, Thompson Square sings "Are you gonna kiss me or not" among others obviously, and Mark Wills sings lots of songs you'd know, but he sings "Don't Laugh at Me", "I Do (Cherish You)", and I love "19 somthin'")I know concert pictures are awesome, since you can see just who these people are, but we had lots of fun, and our kids did AWESOME for being there for 3 1/2 hours. Toward the end, Noah went into his bored phase, though. He does this in the car when he's exhausted all other options...he just stares. He did this for a little bit and then fell asleep. What a good boy! Great way to spend our Wednesday evening!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Bear Lake

This last weekend we went to Bear Lake for a reunion on Dustin's stepmom's side of the family. They do a week there camping each year. It's always lots of fun, and our kids had a blast. I'm pretty sure Noah is made to be outside 24/7, if he gets the sleep he needs. I wish this picture was better, but we saw this owl the first morning we got up.
Daddy working on his bike while Noah had to hang out and be like him.
The potty's were kind of far away, and I worried about Macie needing to go and not making it, but we did fine since we took our bikes.
Playing in the sand at the beach.

Yes, Macie's hair is ALWAYS like this in her face.
I gave Dustin this nasty Mr-T haircut, but don't worry, I didn't leave it. I would never do that to him...or myself.
So Dustin was sitting the sand playing with Noah and all the sudden he realized a snake was crawling over his feet. NASTY!
Daddy helping Macie and Noah make banana boats. I've never heard of this before, but they seemed to enjoy it.My kids had so much fun, and it was fun being with family. I really got to relax a little. Thanks everyone for helping to entertain my kids! :)

Friday, August 5, 2011

24th of July

For the 24th of July, Dustin's mom's side had a family reunion. And where better to gather the troops than Bancroft? :) It was actually tons of fun being able to see everyone and let the kids play. Here's everyone enjoying the parade. Some of those not used to how things are done in Bancroft were slightly amused by the parade. You not only get tons of candy, but the parade goes down the street one way, then turns around a comes back again.
Noah definately got the idea of the parade. He was loving getting the candy. Start 'em young, right?
I don't think Macie even lasted through the first pass of the parade. It was SO hot, and she doesn't do hot. She decided to sit in out in the shade.
This picture doesn't REALLY do justice, but a lot of the kids wanted to go see the train drive by, just down the street, so a group piled in the back of the truck and off they went.
We had to have some water for the kids to play in.
Don't you just love this little smile??!!Here are a bunch of the cousins (second cousins I guess) bundled up watching a movie on the side of the house.
The boys inside playing cars. It was so cute seeing them all hang out and be boys.
Saturday morning, Celeste drove up from Pocatello, and her, Skyler, and I ran the 5K! I'm so proud of us. This is definately going to have to be a tradition. Year one under our belts. We will have to do some heavy recruiting for next year! And yes, I look VERY happy in this picture. I was glad to be done. :) We technically don't know our time because the man taking time wasn't there. His stopwatch had stopped working just before we got in. Darn. High tech, these people. :) Love small towns, right?
Beautiful Bancroft sunset.

Sunday, on our way home, we went to Soda to visit my dad and stopped by the cemetery.
We had such a great time with family and being able to spend time together. We were with lots of family that we don't get to see very often, so it was a total blast. Hopefully we all will get together again soon.