Monday, June 28, 2010

Macie 2 Year Pics

I was very sad thinking about picture time because Mollie, who usually takes my kids' pictures, lives in Arizona. I had seen some pictures my friend Amanda took, and so I called her up. Thanks so much Amanda for putting up with all of my craziness. You did a great job. As you can see from the pictures, she didn't disappoint! :) Tons of fun. Here are Macie's two year pictures. What a beauty. Enjoy.

Noah 3 Month Pics

I LOVE PICTURE TIME! Here are Noah's three month pictures. It's a little closer to four months, but that's ok. He was so good and smiled so much. What a charmer!

Thanks again Amanda. LOVE THEM!

Friday, June 25, 2010

#1 is #2

So, this post is a little late, but Macie turned 2 on June 10th. Here are a few pictures of her and her presents. I'm pretty sure she had tons of fun!

Here are some pictures of our first time out climbing this year. Macie is quite the climber. She loves it.

Dustin's grandma had her 80th birthday, so his family all got together in Pocatello. Here's Noah, Macie and her second cousin, Ella. This is the only picture I got of the whole night.

We are just keeping busy so far this summer. We are having fun, though!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Ode to the past...

So this is a bittersweet post for me. With Dustin driving to Salt Lake every day, we were spending a pretty penny on gas, so he decided to sell his motorcycle for a new one that would commute better. I loved his motorcycle. As nervous as I am with motorcycles, I'm doing better and I guess I just always imagined myself one day driving this one. I will always hold a special place in my heart to you, Honda Nighthawk! This is the motorcycle Dustin bought just before his mission when he lived in Salt Lake, and I was still in high school. He looked so good on it, and it just brings back memories from the dating days. So I say with a sad heart, Farewell my friend! (Isn't she pretty?)

On to new things. Here's Dustin's new bike. A Honda CBR or something of the sort. Yes it is purple and green, yes it's a bullet bike, and yes I worry about Dustin on the freeway, but he's a smart cookie, so he can take care of himself.

We will be saving about half the gas money we were spending before. Maybe a little more. Dustin is loving his job right now. He's really into it and is doing a really good job. I'm super proud of him. He rode his new motorcycle to work this morning, and he got there safe. :) Yahoo!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Memorial Weekend

This picture was just a random one that made me glad Macie is still little. Dustin was getting her ready to go outside to play and she had to take her baby and backpack. Minus the bink, she looked like she was off to her first day of school. It almost brought a tear to my eye!

Memorial weekend was a good one. Starting off, we headed to Bancroft/Soda for Sam's graduation. Macie puked in the car on the way, so I didn't go to graduation, but it looks like Dustin and his brothers have similar taste in clothing.

Saturday, we went to Soda again to the cemetery. It was way past Macie's nap time, so she wasn't super smiley, but here she is carrying flowers. It seems like every Memorial Day we've been up to Soda it's been crappy weather. At least it kind of stopped raining for a sec while we were there. I sure miss my mom.

After the cemetery and driving down to the bridge to see the geese and new goslings, we headed to Idaho Falls to hang out with family. All but three siblings were there. It was lots of fun. Here's my babe with my babes. So cute.

Macie, her arms, face, and clothes, enjoying a popsicle.

Camille and Tony were playing flag football with all the kids, so Macie had to get in on the action.

Our little climber. Starting so young.

And of course, Macie and Carly. Beth and I joked that these guys will get old and see all these pictures and think they were best friends. Actually, I don't know if they ever smile in these, and they hardly really know each other. :) Oh well.

And now, it's back to Logan and life. Dustin started his internship yesterday. He's working for an engineering firm in Salt Lake. He feels like he knows what he's doing, so that's good. He has his own office, too. Things are going good!