Monday, March 26, 2012

Friends Visit!

On Saturday, Jesse and Amanda come to visit for the afternoon. It was SO fun just sitting around a talking for a few hours. Dustin was so sweet and took the kids for a couple four-wheeler rides, which they loved. He said I couldn't hear them talking, but could hear their little giggles We basically didn't see Macie and Halle all day, but I did catch a couple pictures. Check out how cute these kids are!
Fingerpainting in Ranch? Yes please!I love that Macie and Halle both have food in their mouths, smiling in this picture. Pretty cute.Thanks for making the drive and coming to visit! Macie is already talking about Halle coming again, for a sleepover. Brace yourself, Jesse. :)


Last Friday, we went on a hike up the canyon just behind our house. For some reason, our kids weren't into riding in their sleds, they wanted to walk, so we didn't go TOO terribly far, but we still had fun.Twinners.What a cute family I have!!!I love this picture. So cute.That's all. Nothing super exciting. We just love getting to be outside together!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Weekend of Showers!

This picture is kind of random, but Macie and Noah were helping Dustin clean out a carburetor. It was pretty cute, and Macie actually is a really good helper. Don't worry, we don't always let our kids play with such dangerous toys...This last weekend, Miranda had a few baby showers, so we had a crazy fun-filled weekend. It started Thursday when we went to Logan. Dustin's dad's side was here from Laramie, and they were staying at Sherwood, so we went out to go swimming. Hanna is talking to Noah about his belly button, I assume, and this picture is so funny to me because I didn't even notice Allison sticking her head in the side.Here's Macie and her second cousin, Anna. These two LOVE playing together and just have so much fun. Glad we got to spend some time with these guys.We weren't able to make it to the Forsgren side for Christmas this year, so they brought Christmas to us. And Noah's birthday. Thanks so much for the gifts! We all loved them. Look at these happy kids!Friday night was the shower with the Hansen and Forsgren side of the family. It was SO fun seeing some family that I hardly get to see. Thanks for having a baby, Miranda! :) Noah was really into opening presents.Friday night, we drove to Pocatello for the baby shower Saturday. That one was with the Merrill and Wadsworth sides. I didn't get any pictures, and I'm so sad. Macie and Noah got to see all four of their great-grandmas this weekend, and two of their three grandmas. How special. Wish I'd taken more pictures! We stayed Friday night at Celeste's, and so it was a totally short visit, but Macie got to play with Saki at least for a little bit. It took this super cute picture of them, but Saki said his eyes are partly closed, so he wanted me to take another one.This is what I got. Nice, Macie. :)We had SUCH a fun weekend. We all survived on hardly any sleep, but it was worth it! I wanted to do more in Logan, and visit some friends (sorry guys!) but there was just so much going on. Next time. Anyway, thanks everyone for an awesome weekend!

Monday, March 12, 2012

Snow Day

Just wanted to post this super cute picture of Macie and Noah. :)This last weekend, Dustin's mom came to visit. It was SO much fun! Noah's birthday was last week, so they brought him a few gifts. Some horses and a motorcycle. Boy does he love them!

We spent a lot of the afternoon outside playing in the snow. Here's Noah, Macie, and Dustin's little sister, Kara.Dustin giving his mom a ride.Dustin's mom driving. I love Dustin's face.Dustin doing some turns with Kara. She was LOVING it!Love this picture.LOVE Kara's face!Again, notice Kara's face. She cracks me up.Ethan pulling Dustin on his snowboard.Ethan and Noah.It was a GORGEOUS day. Super warm and sunny. Poor Noah has pretty sensitive eyes, and I was like...I need to get Noah some goggle sunglasses or something. Then Dustin made me hold this since he didn't need them...Noah loves them. Much better.Too warm for coats.And here's Ethan being his normal self. :)We were so glad these guys could come visit. We had SUCH a blast! Thanks for making the drive!

Monday, March 5, 2012

Noah's 2nd Birthday!

Some of these pictures are kind of blurry I realize, but it's all good. March 3rd, Saturday, Noah turned two! He had so much fun, and is such a cutie! We went to Idaho Falls on Saturday, so we made him a cake and gave him a few gifts Friday night. Here's Macie and Noah helping me make the birthday cake.Getting ready to open presents.Noah got this little car to drive around. We figured it's time to get him away from Macie's pink cars and give him his own manly one. He LOVES this thing. He did NOT want to get out.Eating cake and ice cream.On Saturday, his actual birthday, we drove to Idaho Falls. Noah is lucky and gets to share his birthday with his cousin, Carly. I had to get a picture of these cousins. Carly, Addi, and Macie. They will all be in the same class in school and LOVE to play together.Carly, Addi, Macie, Jayci, and Noah.Carly REALLY wanted me to keep taking pictures of her. :) What a cute birthday girl!Macie.The birthday kids getting ready to blow out candles.Here are a few of the cousins who were there for the party. Cody blessed his new baby Sunday, which is really why the family was together, but we just got lucky to get to celebrate these birthdays with family.Noah getting a few gifts from family. Thanks so much everyone. He's loving his new toys.I love his face in this one, even though you can't see him that well.We had such a fun weekend being able to see family. I didn't even get any pictures on the blessing day. Cody's baby girl, Kristy Mae, was so good and is such a beautiful little baby. Both of my kids couldn't get enough of her. Hopefully that was some good practice for a few months down the road!