Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Crazy Summer!

So I haven't updated in a long time because this summer has been a little wild. Here are just a few pictures of the things we've been up to. We went camping in Bear Lake with Luke and Natalie (our neighbors). It was a little cold that day at the beach, but it was still a good time.

We had our family reunion in Island Park. It was way fun. I haven't been to Island Park since a family reunion when I was a little tyke. We got to go see Guys and Dolls in West Yellowstone. Thanks for watching our kids everyone! I don't have many pictures of the reunion, but we did go on a little walk with everyone. All the kids, Ife, and Tony got to play in the water.

Then we went to Green River to float down the Green River. Imagine that! We left Macie in Bancroft with Dustin's mom. Thanks! I don't think she would have liked sitting in a canoe in the heat for two days. We went 50 miles in two days. It was fun, too! Here's all of us getting ready to push out.

Look how cute Dustin is! He looks smokin' in his cowboy hat and sunglasses. :)

Here's me and Dustin. Skyler and Miranda are in the back. Look at what a good idea they had! I wish I had that idea. That umbrella served for some great shade and a little sail at times.

I had to put this picture in. Here's Hanna coming back with her "poo bucket". Dustin had to get a picture.

The next weekend we drove to Denver for one nephews birthday and a new nephews baby blessing. Celeste, Ife, Saki, and Kaveni rode with us. The kids actually did really well on the long drive. Here's Macie starting out. It was her first time in a big girl carseat. She loves it.

In Denver, we went to walk around at this outdoor outlet place. The kids just played here where all these little fountains shoot up. Macie loved it and got 100% soaked.

Then we went over to Outdoor World. They had this little section where you could shoot at targets. Who taught Celeste how to hold a gun? :)

And here's Dustin shooting. He did a great job. It was super fun.

That's about the extent of our big travels over the summer. We had lots of fun and put lots of miles on our car. It's a little nice to be home and be able to work on some projects around the house. We'll add some of those pictures here soon! It's been great getting stuff done!