Monday, June 27, 2011

Splash Park

Once a week, we have play group with some people in our new ward. TONS of people go. It's so much fun! Last week we went to a splash park. Noah wasn't so sure about the water, and it took Macie a little bit to warm up to the idea, but they still had a blast.

I love Macie not wanting to get too wet, so she'd stick her foot in. :)

Macie with two of her new friends!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Oh Macie...

So on occasion, not often, but occasionally, I feel motivated in the morning to exercise. Typically Macie likes to exercise with me. We get sweaty, and then we shower. :) That's how she sees it anyway. Today, she slept in a little, so I was exercising without her. I was through a good chunk of my Tae Bo movie when she wandered out. She was still a little sleepy so she just sat on the chair and proceeded to watch me. I was using some bands and working on my triceps, which aren't very strong, so I bowed out a little early. Like ONE eight count. Macie, being as observant as she is, told me, "Mom, you didn't pump it!" Thanks Mace, for watching out for mommy.

Monday, June 20, 2011


On Saturday, we decided to go explore the new area we are living in! :) We just went for a hike up Little Cottonwood Canyon. It was a gorgeous day, and a nice little hike up to this reservoir.

I love this picture of Macie and Dustin hanging out on this rock. She is showing Dustin something...I'm thinking she was pointing to the duck. This duck must have been used to being fed by people or something, because it really was not scared of us.

Macie looks a little nervous in this picture. Rightly so. That duck jumped right up on the rock next to her. She wasn't quite sure what to do about that. :)

I got lots of pictures of this duck. It was pretty cute because the mommy and about seven little ducklings swam out a little later.

And the lizards we saw...

On the way down, Noah was so tired. He fell asleep right on my shoulders. He's looking at the camera in this one, but he zonked right then.
Love Macie's face in this picture. Nice.

We had actually been here once before. Dustin took me here on a date in high school, so it was fun to go back. Oh the memories.....

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Macie's 3rd Birthday!

Macie turned three on June 10th. I had always planned to have a little birthday party with all of her little friends but since we moved, that didn't happen. :( I was sad about that, but we still had SUCH a blast! I think she had a very successful birthday. After all, all she wanted was a purple cake...Here she is eating her special breakfast...Chex. Notice her bruise on her head. Sad story. Walking back from the pool wrapped in a least it looks way better than it used to.

Like I was saying, all Macie wanted for her birthday was a purple cake. She's been saying that for the last few months, so I figured I'd give her a purple cake. Here are Macie and Noah "helping" me with the cake.

Don't look very close. It was my first attempt. Luckily, nobody around here is picky!

Grandma and Grandpa Hansen, Hayden, and Halle drove clear down here for a little birthday party. We opened presents, had pizza, cake, ice cream, and went swimming. Here's Macie opening her Cinderella barbie from Disneyland. Love her face.

Yes, Macie looks a little skraggly in this picture, but she usually does, and it's all good. She got a Cinderella dress-up dress, thanks to the wonderful Hanna who made that possible, and here she is with her matching barbie. Too cute.

Macie and Sophie.

Dustin had to work on Friday, Macie's birthday, so we decided to do something fun on Saturday. She ALWAYS talks about the temple. How she's going to get a white dress, get her hair done, and go dancing. :) We decided to take the kiddos to temple square, where mom and dad got married. Macie, being the girly girl she is, loved watching all the brides. So cute. Mom enjoyed it, too.

I just wanted this one for fun. :)

One of Macie's gifts that was almost the end of me, but that I LOVE!!! this little skirt I made for her. Much cuter on. I'm very proud of myself. She got to look super cute for her first day in a new ward. I can never seem to get a decent picture of this child!

And I just had to throw this picture on the end because it's basically the cutest picture EVER of my two little babes!