Thursday, July 21, 2011

Googly Eyes!

LOVE these kids!

Sunday, July 17, 2011


So Friday, we decided to go on this hike to Dog Lake, up Millcreek Canyon. I have no pictures of the hike because Dustin used his phone to take one picture. :) It was SO amazing...(not exactly). We learned fast why it was called Dog Lake. LOTS of dogs. We didn't pass many people who didn't have their dogs with them. Made me want one. The hike itself wasn't terrible, besides all the bags of doggie poop alongside the trail. At least it was in bags, not on the ground. It was a stinking LONG hike! About six miles round trip, which is long for us, packing our kids in. Macie wanted to turn around about a mile from the top, but we knew there would be that unfulfilled feeling of not making it to the top to see the lake. We kept trucking along, after Macie had to pee in the trees off to the side of the trail. I figured all the hundreds of dogs were marking their territories, so Macie was fine. We got to the top to see a tiny lake that was full of bugs and dogs. :) The scenery was awesome, though, great view from the top, and I'm way glad we went.

Saturday, we stayed home and went swimming in the morning. Macie learned a new trick, so we went to Walmart and got her some goggles and floaties. Noah, too. Here is the result.

On a side note...Macie was swimming to Dustin this whole time and after one time, she came up and said, "Dad, your hair on your body is tickling me!" How entertaining!

Monday, July 11, 2011

Weekend Party!

So for some reason I am feeling the need to blog the details of our entire life. And often. I think since I feel so far away from my family, I feel like I have to keep them updated. So maybe that's why. :) Our weekend party started on Thursday when Celeste and her family came to visit on their way to see Ife's sister. We got all decked out to go swimming.

Unfortunately, our pool was "closed due to poop in the pool". So we decided to head to the nearby splash park.

It was totally raining, but we still stayed for a little bit. We actually went back the next morning too since the pool was still closed.

They left on Friday, and on Saturday, we started the day going to Cabela's to see the animals. Here they are looking at those nasty fish.
Noah getting comfy in the little Cabela's chair. He doesn't have a camp chair yet, and this one was on sale for $8. I'm sad to say (but not really) that we broke down and got it. I can't pass up that deal.

After Cabela's, Dustin had a work party at Boondocks. It was SO fun! We were there for like 5 hours. Here's Macie and Dustin waiting in line for the bumper boats. She was just tall enough to be a passenger.

Poor Noah, though, wasn't tall enough to be a passenger. He just tried climbing in through the fence. I felt bad for him.
Riding the go-carts.
These guys, and us I'll admit, had a ball playing all the arcade games.

We didn't do amazing, but we got a few prizes. Our kids aren't picky.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Fourth of July

For the Fourth this year, we went Dustin's dad's backyard. It counts, right? They are going to be moving far away at the end of the month, so we had to take advantage of the big yard before they left. Here's Macie helping Dustin set up our tent when we got there.
On Saturday, their neighbor was nice enough to let us use this blowup toy. Thanks neighbor! It took awhile for the kids to get warmed up to it, but they sure had fun all day. It was Macie, Noah, and their two second cousins, Anna and Kade. Four kids. And one was like eight months old. :) It was fun.
Macie and Anna were basically inseperable for the whole weekend.Twinners. Their Christmas gifts from last year. Matching jammie pants and they both got sweaters.Riding in a sled behind the lawn mower. Noah hanging out by daddy.
Macie was asleep for fireworks. We went next door to the nice neighbor's house and joined them for fireworks.
We decided to take a drive up Providence Canyon. We wanted to hike up to this waterfall we've been to before, but the road was closed before we could get close. Flooding. We walked up a little ways, and you could see why. This is usually a pretty small stream, but it was quite high and fast. You can see in this picture the water undercutting this tree. The roots are all hanging down. It was crazy! This is the canyon we went up to go snowmobiling not too long ago for our anniversary.
This is looking back towards our car. See how much of the road was taken out? That entire bank on the left of the picture was cut from the flooding. This isn't the regular riverbed.
This tunnel thing usually takes the water under the road. Now we know why the road was closed. No getting across this.
If you look at the right side of this picture you can see where the usual riverbed is. Where the water is running is the newly cut riverbed. :)
We went climbing up Logan Canyon while we were there. Here's Dustin's dad.
Noah playing by the car. He was loving the car.
Hayden in cowboy boots.Hayden barefoot. :)It was such a fun weekend, but like most long trips, it was nice getting home and now we can work on getting back on schedule. Here are my kids enjoying a nice cuddle at home. :) Hope everyone had an enjoyable weekend!