Monday, October 17, 2011


Prepare to be a little overwhelmed with pictures of my kids! I can't help it, I had a hard time narrowing it down, so I put lots up. Macie's three year pictures, and Noah's eighteen month pictures. Enjoy!

A HUGE thanks to Amanda, for yet another successful photo shoot! YOU ROCK!!!

Friday, October 14, 2011

Been Busy...

Why I've been falling behind in my reading lately...I've been having fun!!

Hogle Zoo

Again, my super nice friend invited me and my kids to hang out. We went to Hogle Zoo. It was SO super fun, and my kids loved it...even though Noah was asleep when we got there. It was awesome he got a little bit of a nap first, cause he was so happy the whole time.Macie and Olivia.Noah kept sticking his hand in, and looking into the rhinocerous nostril. It was pretty funny.Riding the carousel. Noah was very skeptical.Macie loved it.The whole time we were there, she kept asking to see the baby "crocogile"Riding the train.Thanks again to my super awesome neighbor for taking us. We owe you!

Corn Maze

On Tuesday, one of my neighbors was nice enough to invite us to a corn maze in Orem. I got to go with a few good friends (sisters), and their kids. It was SUPER fun! Noah is a raccoon, and Macie was Cinderella.This was a little slide the kids could play on.Macie and her friend Kaitlyn.Most of the kids who went...Macie's friend Olivia. What a cutie!These guys had such a fun time in the corn maze. If they found a bowl with beans, they could take one bean and get a surprise. We had a really hard time finding it, so we ended up going in the exit and finding it. Is that ok??Thanks SO much to Tracie, Abbey, and Brekka. We had a ball!