Saturday, September 24, 2011

Maple Canyon Climbing

Last weekend, Skyler and Miranda took us camping/rock climbing to Maple Canyon, down by Ephraim. Oh. My. Heck! SO FUN!!! A HUGE thanks to them for taking us, taking pictures (can't find my camera charger), and helping to entertain our kids. We got there Friday afternoon, and it was raining. Hard. We didn't want to put tents up in the rain, so we killed some time in town, waited for a break in the rain, and headed back out. We got camp set up, ate dinner, hung out, and right as we were getting into bed, it started raining again. All night long. For the most part, we stayed pretty dry. Saturday morning was when the real fun began. Here is a cool picture of the clouds/fog/rain.It turned out to be an awesome day. Blue skies, and good weather. We went on a hike up this really cool canyon.This was a common occurance...making a train to get the kiddos up and down some of the tough spots.This spot, there's a little rope tied to help you climb up.After the hike, we started rock climbing. Dustin lead the way up, and we all got to climb a little.Macie's first time rock climbing. We are so proud of her, and she impressed quite a few people who were happening by. Here's the "rock on!" face and hands.Macie climbed so high! You can kind of tell how high she climbed in this one...
This climb was SO fun. I think it was right around 100 ft. Stinking high! Loved it!Great clip of Macie coming down. Skyler was letting her down nice and slow because I'm pretty sure coming down was her favorite part. Not bad for a first timer.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Tiny Dancer

I know you are all wanting to see dozens of pictures of Macie here you go! :) She started dancing this year, and she's hooked. She goes once a week, and has only been twice. These are from her first day. It was so cute. She seemed so big to me, and this is only dancing. I am dreading school...She loves her hair in a bun now.All these little girls stretching out. So cute. Macie was the only one in black, so she was easy to find to take pictures.Dancing with the ribbons.Trying to figure out turns...Here is the teacher showing everyone how to turn...maybe this is why Macie wasn't quite getting it...notice all the girls on the bar? Very intent on the lesson...Little ballerinas. I love this picture.Yes, Macie got distracted...Macie with two friends in her class and from our ward. Olivia, Macie, and Ellery.

Weekend Fun!

Two weekends ago, we made the most out of our week! Starting Wednesday, we went out to Herriman Lake. It was awesome. There was nobody there, now that school has started, and it was a gorgeous day! Not quite warm enough that our kids wanted to get in, but we still had lots of fun.Thursday, Dustin had school in Logan, so we got to go hang out with a few friends. I have one picture, but it is a cute one. Macie and two of her friends, Autumn, and Bela.Friday, we went camping up Tony Grove with our friends Josh, Kaleena, and their little Meili. Isn't this the cutest picture! She was all bundled up for the night, and it was dark outside. She didn't love the flash.Saturday, we went fishing. How pretty is the lake?Macie looking cute as ever in her sweats.Noah loving the trip as well...What cute kids. I LOVE Meili in this picture. Also, can you see what Noah puts up with? What can I say? His sister LOVES him.Kaleena told Macie to pick a rock and she'd take her picture. She meant a rock for her to stand on, but she picked up this little pebble and posed. What a cutie.Macie fishing with her pink fishing pole from Grandpa Walters.

Kaleena helping Meili and Noah fish with Noah's pole.Here's Josh, Kaleena, and Meili.Yes, Kaleena had the best luck that day...she caught herself. Nobody else even had a bite!
My little family.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Labor Day

Labor Day weekend, Macie, Noah, and I went to Idaho to visit family. It seems like I haven't seen my family forever, so it was so much fun! We stayed at Celeste's the first night, then went to Idaho Falls Saturday through Monday. On Saturday, we went to the zoo. It was actually really cool, and I'm surprised of all the animals they had there. Macie said her favorite animals were the monkeys. Here are a few cousins who went.
Macie and Natalie.
Macie and Addi petting a goat.On Monday, we went to Rigby Lake.Carly was laying on her daddy's lap, so Macie jumped up to join her. Thanks Uncle Cody.These cute girls....and their cool-aid mustaches.