Monday, December 17, 2012

Lincoln County Fair 2012

If you didn't see my post with Dustin's hog wrestle in it, don't forget to scroll down a few because it's worth watching.  :) We just stayed that night after he was finished and let our kids ride the rides.  Pretty sure Noah was a little too small for a few, but they let him on anyway.  Such a big boy!

Dustin got some gorgeous pictures of the sunset.  We actually won a gift certificate for our grocery store for this last picture.  Not too shabby!

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Walters' Reunion 2012

We had our Walters' family reunion this year in Bear Lake.  Tons of fun, like always.  Here are a few pics.  We went to Bloomington Lake.  Holy cold!  Noah, Jude, and I ended up hanging in the car.

Crazy Kylee and Brandt...went off the rope swing.  I don't know how cold it was outside, but there was still snow on the ground.
 Minnetonka caves.
 And a day at the lake of course.
 Just relaxing...
 Dustin helped a few of the kids build this sand castle.  This picture doesn't do it justice.  I am sitting on the beach and this was pretty far out.  It's huge!  You can kind of tell by the bucket by it.
 And all the guys (and a few girls) played a football game in the water.  It was quite entertaining.
As always, so much fun being with family.  Love you all!


I know this is way long ago, and it's weird looking at summer pictures because it's almost Christmas, but I really want to catch up and not miss out on posting a bunch of this stuff. For my sake. Since my brain is shot. :) This post is about a few firsts we had this summer. Macie's first soccer season/game.

Jude's first bath.
And of course, I didn't want to forget Dustin's first hog wrestle! He got a call one night saying he was going to be wrestling a hog the next day at the fair. (Apparently they signed up all the new guys at his work)
The funny thing is...on this team of four, not one person had ever done anything like this before. They ended up winning first place! So proud! :)