Monday, July 16, 2012

Jude McKay Hansen

Finally! I can finally blog about our new baby! We have had a virus on our computer, and my time has somehow been sucked up lately, but I have been wanting to introduce everyone to our new little man!

Jude McKay Hansen
Born: 12:51 PM on June 25, 2012
8 lbs. 21 in.

I realize pictures of pregnancy and labor and everything are not the most flattering pictures in the world, but don't judge!  :)  I really thought I was going to have my baby earlier than I really did, but I was scheduled to be induced on Monday, the 25th.  Dustin's mom was nice enough to come stay at our house the night before so she could watch our kids.  We went in on Monday morning at 7:00 AM.  I got started on Pitocin at about 7:30.  I got an epidural at about 9:45 and was dilated to a four.  The epidural only worked on one side.  My water broke at about 10:15.  They did another epidural.  For about an hour I was really not having fun.  The contractions were hurting so bad.  I was just sweating and oblivious to the world around me.  :)  Nice job to all those natural laborers out there.  I'm not one.  My second epidural worked like a charm.  The nurse just kept telling me that if I felt the need to push to let her know.  I didn't really know, so I just hung out.  The doctor came in and checked me and I was fully dilated.  He got ready and told me to push whenever I felt like it.  I pushed once and out popped Baby Jude!

Lovely close-up!
Meeting mommy.
Meeting Macie and Noah.
Meeting Grandma Wadsworth. (Dustin's mom)
First picture as a family of five!
Holding hands.
Macie LOVES her new little brother.
My kiddos.
Amanda stopped by on her way to a family reunion when Jude was 5 days old. She isn't taking pictures right now, but she couldn't help but snap a few spur of the moment shots of my little man. THANKS AMANDA!!! How cute for no planning, right?

Macie is FOUR!!!

Macie's birthday was June 10th. A Sunday. So Saturday, we decided to do what she loves best. We took the four wheelers out for a ride to Grover Park. It was our first time there and was SUPER fun. TONS of trails, so we just drove around until our kids froze. It was pretty chilly, hence the bundled upness of us all.  Here's our last family picture as a family of four!

Dustin is such a HOTTIE!
Riding up and down the hills...Noah got rides, too, I just missed pictures for some reason!
Sunday morning, the birthday girl was pretty tired, but still excited for her birthday.  Dustin wanted her to open her presents right away.
Yes, this is what my child looks like most often.  In her jammies with scraggly hair.  I still think she's pretty cute.  :)
Macie had such a fun day. I can't believe she is four. I kept trying to talk her into turning two, but she wouldn't do it. I love this little girl!

May and June

It sure has been awhile since I've updated my blog! Here are just a few pictures to get us caught up. Poor Noah, life is rough when you fall asleep standing up.

We are so lucky to have a couple canyons so close to our house.  We like to go exploring.  We took our four wheelers up as far as we could til we came to this avalanche sight.  Just checking out the damage.
Celeste and Ife came to see us one weekend.  They got one ride in, but it mostly rained all weekend.  The kids loved it, though.
Dustin's dad came up from Laramie and stayed with the Forsgren side at Wolf Creek.  We were lucky enough to go stay for a bit, too.  I only got pictures of them at the pool, but it was a fun weekend with family.
That weekend, Skyler and Miranda also blessed sweet baby Sydney.  What a cutie pie!