Saturday, February 18, 2012

No News and Exciting News!

Not a lot has been going on with us. We don't really do much. Here are just a few pictures and updates of what we've been up to lately.Macie started gymnastics. She LOVES it. She said she likes it better than dancing. Here she is before her first class.

She's pretty good I think (I may also be biased) for her first class. She's gone three times now.

This is the most common occurence at our house. We just play out in the snow. My kids are just like daddy. They love it! We'd better watch them close, though, since I've seen mountain lion tracks and poop in our driveway. Wouldn't want these kids being mistaken for the deer!
Macie dressing up and posing.And taking pictures of herself.Watching TV together.Our EXCITING news.........We are having a boy!!!! I was in total shock, for the third time, that I had guess the sex of our baby wrong. Mother's intuition my foot! I should have know better, but I REALLY thought this one was a girl. I was even bringing girl stuff up out of storage. Should have listened to Dustin. Anyway, we are super excited. We have to start thinking of boy names, though, which is MUCH harder for us than girl names. Macie is right along there helping us think of names, though. Gummy Bear, Jack, Noah....I hope we can think of something before the baby comes. This isn't a great picture, it's a picture of a picture. We kind of missed seeing the 3D ultrasound, but we were still excited to see our little one! We can't wait!!!