Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Halloween 2012

 Where we live now, people don't do a ton of trick-or-treating, so we hit up a couple trunk-or-treats instead.  Worked out great!  We didn't have time to carve our pumpkins earlier, so we carved them Halloween night!

 Noah not loving the goop inside. :)

Sam's Homecoming

Dustin's little brother, Sam, got home from his mission from Jackson, Mississippi.  Again, pretty sure he's too little for all of this.  I think he was 11 or something when Dustin and I started dating.  :)

I love this picture because it has Dustin's Grandma and Grandpa Wadsworth, and Grandma and Grandpa Merrill.

Mikayla Wedding

My niece got married in September. That's just crazy. She's not old enough to get married, right?


Macie started PRESCHOOL!!! That's so crazy. Even crazier, she'll be in Kindergarten next year. Stop growing baby!

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Rock Climbing

This year was a little sad because we only got out rock climbing ONCE!!! It's a little harder where we live because there aren't many bolted routes close (not like Logan Canyon, which ROCKS!) and having a baby right in the middle kind of tweaked things, too. But we did finally make a little drive and took the kids. It was SO fun! Our kids love it, and so do Dustin and I. Excellent family activity.

Our view from the base of the climb.
Our car down in the parking lot.  We had to hike the the base.  It was SUPER hot.
Trying to sit in the one inch of shade there.  It wasn't the most kid friendly place at the bottom of the climb, so I made my kids hold on to me basically the whole time.  Must be a mom.  :)
Hoping to get out MUCH more this next summer!

Monday, January 14, 2013

Bear Lake 2012

The week after the blessing was the annual Forsgren camping party in Bear Lake. We ended up going that weekend and having a blast like always. My kids LOVE to camp!  Loving Noah's getup here...

It wasn't the warmest day for the water, but these kids didn't mind!  Here's Macie and Noah with a few of their second cousins.
I mostly only have water pictures for some reason...but here's Dustin helping Macie ride with no training wheels.  We still have yet to master that one.  :)  But Noah did graduate from his tricycle to Macie's bike over that week, so he's ready for an upgrade to a two wheeler...with training wheels.
Glad we get to go camping and spend time with for Forsgren side of the family.  Also thankful for the few who have trailers so we could survive the one night of crazy wild wind where we had to just lay our tent down for awhile so it wouldn't blow away.  :)