Sunday, February 8, 2009


This last weekend, Dustin decided to go to a ranger station in Malad, Idaho. He decided Thursday night, and we went on Friday. We got there Friday night and hiked in to the cabin. It wasn't too bad of a hike. It was a gradual slope up for about half a mile. That's it. It took awhile to get a fire started, so we hung out most of the night in our warm clothes, but once we got things warmed up, it was a good time.

Macie and her Grandma Hansen.

This sleeping bag is known as "Big Bertha". You can't really tell, but the sleeping bag is bigger than a king size bed. It was so cozy and kept us warm.

Saturday morning, Dustin and I grabbed our snowshoes and went for a short little hike. It was such a gorgeous day. Dustin is trying to talk me into getting a snow machine with our tax return. Hmmm....with views like this? We'll see.

It was so much fun, but it was nice to get home and get Macie in the tub. She's so cute!

Macie is just getting bigger every day. She has two teeth now and stands all by herself. We are wondering if she said dog the other day, but I'm not sure. She is so tall, but still pretty skinny and petite. She's just growing so fast, so we are enjoying every minute of it!

Baby Tag

1- Where were you when you found out? In the bathroom. :) It was our FHE "activity" to take the test.
2- Who did you first tell? Dustin of course. Then Celeste.
3- Did you find out the sex of the baby? Yeah. Neither Dustin or I were about to wait.
4- Did you have morning sickness? Not too bad. I only threw up a few times. I would mostly just sit and breathe and wait for it to pass.
5- How much weight did you gain? I think 20-25 pounds in the norm. Not even close. I think I gained like 35 lbs.
6- Did you get any stretch marks? Yeah. I didn't think I did on my belly til I saw underneath where I couldn't see before. :(
7- Did you have any cravings? Not that I can think of. More stuff I couldn't eat. Wheat bread, cafe rio, things like that.
8- Were there any complications? No.
9- When and where did you go into labor? We had been alseep for about an hour and my water broke. It woke me up. It took me awhile to wake Dustin up. He was a little delirious.
10- Did your water break? Yesh.
11- Who drove to the hospital? Dustin
12- Who was in the room for the birth? Dustin, the doctor, and the nurses.
13- Was the baby born early or late? Two days early.
14- How long were you in labor for? My water broke just after 11:00 PM and I had Macie at 5:20 AM.
15- Did you have any drugs for the pain? Epidural. It was beautiful.
16- Natural or C-Section? Natural
17- What was your first reaction after birth? I was thinking, "That's it? That was easy!" I really thought it was going to take longer, but I only had to push twice.
18- How big was the baby? 7 lbs 9 oz
19- Date and time of birth? June 10th, 5:23 AM.
20- Baby's name? Macie Lourene Hansen
21- Does the name have any significant meaning? Lourene, after my mom.
22- Did the baby have any complications? No
23- How old is the baby today? Almost 8 months. CRAZY!
24- What kind of temperament has the baby had so far? She is so happy.
25- Would you change anything about it? I would have cleaned out my car before. I can't remember what was in the back seat, but when the nurse came out to check the car seat, I was SO embarrassed, it was a mess!

I tag Celeste, Beth, and Tawny.