Thursday, July 22, 2010

Does your face hurt?

So, this is probably just a "you had to be there" moment, but I had to blog this because I was DYING last night! So, it was about 11:45 last night and Dustin and I decided we should get some shut eye. Dustin was in bed, and I lay down and try to relax. Do you ever notice how once you get in bed, you really can realize where your whole body hurts? Well, I thought Dustin cared and proceeded to tell him, "Man, my knees hurt so bad. So does my back." Then he pops in this little jewel. "Does your face hurt?" Me, not seeing where this was going said, "No, should it?" and he replied with, "Cause it's killing me!" Oh my heck! It was late and I was so tired, but I spent the next 15 minutes giggling and crying like a little 6th grade girl! I was dying!!! Then we spent about 10 minutes trying to decide if that really was how the insult went. I told Dustin I'll never be able to complain about my aches and pains without laughing now. Oh, good times. The joys of being married to Dustin. :)

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Fourth and Fun!

Well, the fourth was pretty fun for us. We spent the weekend in Wellsville with Dustin's family. Macie liked doing the fireworks. I know it's dangerous for little kids, but we like to live on the wild side. Here's Noah watching the fireworks. His eyes were huge the whole time.

On Monday, we went to the parade in Hyrum. It was TWO HOURS LONG! At first Macie was content getting a piece of candy and hanging out.

Then she got into getting the candy. She ended up making a pretty good haul.

This last week, we went to spend a few days with my sister, Kristy. Here's Macie jumping on the trampoline with the sprinkler. She wasn't quite as into it as I thought she'd be, but she had fun.
The other night, Dustin and I decided to go for a drive, and we hiked up to this waterfall. It was SUPER pretty, and a good hike, too. We had to haul our kids up and watch for stinging nettle. Dustin found it first by walking through it, so we kept our eyes open after that.

It was so pretty up there. The view was awesome. It made us really appreciate living where we do, and being able to get out and do stuff in the outdoors. What a gorgeous place to be!