Monday, August 19, 2013

San Diego

In February, Dustin had to go to a class in San Diego for work, so me and Jude tagged along. We walked along the beach the first night we were there. Sadly, the week we were there was the coldest week San Diego had had for a long time. It finally got to the 70s on the day we left. :) Still a fun trip, though.

We went on a tour of the USS Midway.  That was pretty cool.
Dustin might not have had tons of fun in the confined spaces of the ship if he had to live on one.

The kissing statue.

 Jude started crawling in San Diego.
 And of course we had to go to Little Italy.  Dustin (with his crazy good memory) remembered a pizza place he loved when he was little.  We went there when we lived in San Diego after we just got married, so we had to keep with tradition and go eat at the pizza place.  Just as good as we remembered it!

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Jude's 6 Month Pics

Here are a few pictures I took of Jude at 6 months. He's such a cutie!

New Year's Eve 2012

Some of my siblings came to our house for New Year's Eve to partake of the awesome snow and sledding hills we have around here. Again, tons of fun!

Christmas 2012

Christmas was a blast. We ended up having some of Dustin's family come to our house, so that was awesome. Here are a few pics.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

A Child's Faith

I posted about this on Facebook, but wanted to put it here as well to remember it.

I was watching the news yesterday after the bombs went off at the Boston Marathon.  I only knew one person running in the race, but it's scary for all of those people.  I just felt so bad about it.  I was kind of explaining to Macie what was happening.  Later, we were driving home from gymnastics, and Macie asked my why bombs don't come to Star Valley.  I was telling her how we live in a small town and a lot of times things like that don't happen here, but they could.  She just said, "Probably Jesus is protecting us."  It was so sweet, and I couldn't have said it better.  :)

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Getting Ready!

Decorating the tree.

Santa came to the library.  Here's Macie.  Noah wasn't interested.  :)