Saturday, December 26, 2009


Thanksgiving was great this year. It was the "off" year for our family, but things changed and all of my siblings were there! All ten of us kids! It was super. We had it in Idaho Falls at Texas Roadhouse. My brother-in-law is the manager there. We had prime rib, along with all the other regular Thanksgiving fixins. Yummy. We stayed in Idaho Falls til Sunday because Cody blessed their baby girl, Kate. It was great except basically we got everyone sick there. Well, I feel like it was us because Macie and I were the first sick ones. Sorry family! Anyway, I'm glad we all were able to be there. Here's all ten kids and my dad.

Here are all the grandkids except baby Kate who was about a couple weeks old at the time. She was with Beth seeing her side of the family, but they came back the next day. I think that makes 37 grandkids, ages 19 to a couple weeks.

Macie was a big fan of the olives.

And the cookies.

We had a really great Thanksgiving and were so glad we were able to spend it with family. Thanks Cody and Beth for volunteering Idaho Falls. Thanks everyone else who did everything. :) My family is the coolest!


I know I haven't posted anything really since Halloween...besides baby boy I thought I'd get caught up again since I have my iPhoto back. Anyway, here are just a few pictures of carving pumpkins.

Macie was a ladybug for Halloween, and I didn't get any pictures. We just dressed her up for the ward party and that's it. We didn't really do much for Halloween except hang out with my neighbor and timed her contractions. It actually was really fun playing games and getting excited for her baby. She had her baby boy the next day. Anyway, that's about it for Halloween for us. Super cool!