Thursday, April 7, 2011

Hawaii Baby!

So mid February, my sisters all went to Hawaii together. Ten of us! Rosetta called us all up about two weeks before, asking if any of us were in. It started with DeDe saying yes, I think. A bunch of us were "obviously in". I don't think we even had to really talk anyone into it. Everyone was up for it. Everyone made arrangements, and we all miraculously made it there! A little background info to this picture of DeDe...we all flew standby. Ten of us. Just after all the 747's were grounded for computer issues or something. Of the time we spent in airports, I took one picture. Of DeDe. And her waterbottle. ;) One of the first things we did was go to the swap meet at the Aloha Stadium. It's just shops like this all the way around the stadium. It was a blast! I forgot how much fun it was to shop there, and as always, I got home wishing I bought more stuff there.

Ang, me, DeDe, and Rose after getting in some good shopping.
Me, Ang, and Tawny enjoying some pineapple ice cream at the Dole Plantation after standing in line for kind of a ridiculously long time.

All of us waiting for the canoe tour at PCC.
On the canoe.

A night out on the town.
Laie, Hawaii temple. We were bummed we ended up not being able to do a session.
At the beach.
We buried DeDe. I thought that was a pretty common thing to do, but apparently not where we were. You should have seen the people staring at us. It was pretty hilarious. Or maybe it was because we were adults doing it...I don't know.

This is a totally random side note. :) DeDe and I came home through LA I think, and we had quite an interesting time there. We were waiting for our flight and this guy walked by. I knew he looked so familiar, so I googled him once I rememberd where he was from. Anyone remember Uncle Jack from On Our Own? Or Benjamin Steed from The Work and the Glory? Yeah, we met him. Sam Hennings. You should have seen me and DeDe. We were probably 5 feet in front of him looking at pictures on my phone and trying to decide if it was him. I'm sure he thought we were crazy. He was SUPER nice and told us some pretty cool stories. He told me I needed to hurry home to my husband and start working on having more kids. :) It was super cool! This trip was super fun. I still can't believe we all went, that we all made it, and that we all made it home! It was a nice break and a good time to hang out with my girls! A super special thanks to Dustin for letting me go without him, and to Dustin's mom for watching BOTH kids while I was off partying!

Monday, April 4, 2011

Noah One Year

Noah's One Year Pictures. Thanks Beth for taking them total spur of the moment, and Amanda for editing them. You guys are awesome!

What a handsome guy!