Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Getting Ready!

Decorating the tree.

Santa came to the library.  Here's Macie.  Noah wasn't interested.  :)

Wadsworth Family Pics

So after Sam got home from his mission and before Ethan left, we had to get a picture of the Wadsworth side of the family. Here we are!

Thought this was a great one of Noah.  :)
Skyler, Miranda, and Sydney.
Syd and Jude.  These kiddos are two months apart.
And all of us.  Not a bad lookin group!  :)

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Getting the Tree!

The day after Thanksgiving, Cody called and said they were coming our way to get their Christmas tree. We went with them. There wasn't much snow, so it didn't take very long, but it was lots of fun! Here's Dustin and Noah checking out the tree.

Dustin cutting it down.  Get right in there!
Lilli, Macie, and Carly.
Jude looks SO sad!  But this picture is so cute!  :)
Cody's kids and mine.  Kristy Mae, Lilli, Carly, Noah, Dallin, Macie, Jude, and Kate.
Cody and Kate, looking for their tree.
Macie watching Dallin cut down their tree.


Thanksgiving 2012

This year we had Thanksgiving with my family at Kristy's house. Everyone was there on the Walters' side. That never happens...and who knows if it'll ever happen again!  Here are my siblings.

All the grandkids except Noah.  He had been SO grumpy, and had JUST fallen asleep.  I wish I would have woken him up, though.  But that's why we have photoshop, right?  I just have to find someone to photoshop him in.  :)
Everyone except Peni and Noah.
Cousins.  Jayci, Carly, Macie, Addi.
And my little Jude!
It was SO fun being together with always.  Love you all!