Sunday, March 29, 2009

One Kid, Six Kids, Ten Kids!

So two weeks ago, Dustin and I got to go watch DeDe's kids while they went to the WAC tournament.  We went Thursday night and were there til Sunday.  It was good times.  Here's Macie and Addi (who is eight months older than her) playing with the crayons.  Macie really likes that waxy taste.

Addi was obsessed with going outside.  Here she is in her jammies waiting to go outside.

The next weekend, (last weekend) we got to go to Idaho Falls to help watch Camille's kids.  Saturday was fun because Celeste and Bethany came and brought their kids and we just had a big party.  It's always a party when we get together.  Here's Cody with Macie and Carly (who is three months older than Macie).

They sure like playing together.  I still think they kind of look alike a little bit.

Watching that many kids, it's easy to forget about your own.  Here's poor Macie eating a slightly burnt pancake off the floor.  Sorry girlie!  I really did feed her real food.

Camille and Tony have this super fun toy deal in the backyard.  We were missing a few kids...

Here they are!  How cute!  Here's Kaden, Dallin, Lilli, and Saki.

We really did have fun watching both families for a little while.  It's the least we could do for how much all these guys have helped Dustin and I out.  We really are blessed to have such awesome families around us!  We love you all!

Sunday, March 8, 2009


Here are just a few recent pictures of Macie because it seems like I haven't posted many pictures of my little babes lately.

She is just getting so big and gets cuter every day.  We just love her so much and are so thankful she's a part of our family!

The Ranch

So this weekend, we went with Tony and Camille out to their family's ranch. It was tons of fun. We went out Friday night and stayed til Saturday.  It was great because we got to sleep in a nice warm cabin.

Here's me, Macie, Cameron, Brennon, and Kaden.  It took awhile for the cabin to warm up, so we had to snuggle a little.

We got out there later Friday night, and then Saturday morning (after Macie woke up all the boys) we had breakfast and then went out to play in the snow.

This is the snow cat.  It was sweet having that to ride out in.  Camille and Tony were super nice and took all the kids (including Macie) in the cat.  That thing is a tank and goes everywhere.  

It really came in handy when I got stuck.  My first time getting stuck was going up a hill.  I didn't keep up my momentum and the track just sunk down in the powder.  There was LOTS of powder.  From when we got there til we left I don't think it stopped snowing once.  It was DEEP DEEP snow.  Tons of fun.  Dustin got really good at getting the snowmachine to tip on its side and do really sharp turns.  Anyway, we were coming out Saturday afternoon and there were some trailers blocking the road so the cat couldn't get out.  We had to find an alternative route which happened to go over this little river.  I tried to go fast through it, but just buried the nose in instead.  I got off and sank down to about my thighs and then the water went into my boots.  At least we were almost back to the truck, so I didn't get too cold.  Luckily the cat was able to just pull me out so we didn't have to dig it out.

We made it back to Camille's and we put Macie in the tub with Mason and Kaden.  She had lots of fun, and they all looked SO cute!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Our Recently Acquired Hobby!

So, after Dustin and I got our tax return, he talked me into getting ourselves a little treat. Ok, so he didn't really have to try that hard. He got us two snowmachines. I must say it has been so much fun so far. The first time we actually went on a real ride up Logan canyon, I was so sore for three days, and I was a little bitter about the whole purchase. After that, it's been good.

This last weekend my sister, Kristy, invited us to go to the sinks with her family. It turned out to be tons of fun. It was such a gorgeous day! Skyler and Miranda (Dustin's little brother and his wife) came up with us too, and I think they had a good time. Skyler and Dustin had good times snowboarding down some big hills.

We went on a trail back up in there and could actually see the north end of Bear Lake. It was so cool. Took me back to the good 'ol days when I was little and the family would go to the north end of Bear Lake (minus the snow).

We have had so much fun so far, and we've seen some pretty amazing views. It's been nice to be out in the "winter woods" with Dustin because it's his favorite thing ever. I can really see why.